Main Theme 2022

EnAJUS 2022 has as its central theme the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND THE ADMINISTRATION OF POST-COVID JUSTICE. The main theme signals to participants the importance of reflecting on the digital transition underway within justice organizations, accentuated during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, it seeks to understand the constraints and impact of the progressive integration of new technologies, exploring the consequences of migration to remote mode and the use of new architectures, platforms and communication systems, in relation to issues such as access to justice, guarantee quality of decisions, right of defense, efficient management of resources, effectiveness of judicial policies, among other aspects. It is a space for fruitful debate about the structures and practices in use, seeking to encourage critical reflection on the emergence of new models of judicial service provision whose consequences for the Justice System and for society are still uncertain and, in this sense, lack of in-depth studies.